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Quality Schools Program Update



Hello School Leaders!

First, on behalf of our entire team, I want to congratulate our new cohort of schools that were accepted into the Quality Schools Program. We are excited welcome our new schools to continue with our Year 2 and Year 3 schools as we continue our mission of improving student achievement in Arizona.

The "Quality Schools Program Update" is our team's way to provide bi-weekly information that is essential to implementing our program with fidelity at your campus. We have divided this email into four concise sections: Action Items, Have You Seen This?, School Spotlight, and Galileo Corner.

Action Items will list items that need to be completed to make our partnership successful. Have You Seen This? will contain selected resources and information to ensure school leaders see important happenings in education School Spotlight: Each week, we will spotlight one of the schools in the Program and share their successes with rest of the cohort Galileo Corner provides updates, information, and new tools from your Galileo field services representatives. The work that we do is grounded in research of best practices in education; during the 2012-13 school year, 66 percent of the schools we worked with improved or kept their A letter grade, compared with only 39 percent of district schools and 42 percent of charters not coached by our team.

With the help of each one of you, we look forward to exceeding that goal this year!

Justin S. O'Connell, M.Ed.
Quality Schools Manager
Center for Student Achievement
Arizona Charter Schools Association


Review Data from QSP
Following each benchmark, we will be sending you a report we put together called the School Benchmark Report, which breaks down your data by content, grade-level, and FAME scale. Your trainer is always available to discuss any of the data if you have any questions about it. Also, we give a survey after each of our trainings to inform our own practice, identify areas of strength, growth, and opportunities for future development. Your trainer will be sharing these survey data with you. Please take some time to review this information when you receive it.

Galileo Benchmark Analysis
We want to remind you to please notify your ATI field representative when at least 80 percent of your students have completed the assessment in any benchmark cycle so your data can be analyzed. Many of you have already done so, but if not, let Galileo know when your testing is complete. Once your data has been analyzed and the metrics run by ATI/Galileo, you will receive an automated email saying the process is complete.


NEW Center for Student Achievement Website
We have officially launched our new website for the Center for Student Achievement. We'd love if you checked it out and provided feedback, as we are always looking to improve. Find it at

PARCC Task Prototypes and New Sample Items
The primary purpose of sharing samples of PARCC items is to provide information about the assessment system and support educators as they transition to the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC tests. The samples presented here are designed to shine a light on important elements of the CCSS and to show how critical content in the standards may appear in PARCC's next-generation, technology-based assessments. The task prototypes were created to provide viable early models to guide item development. The sample items represent the current state of PARCC item development and provide users a snapshot of what the 2014-2015 assessments will look like. Click here to find the sample items for English Language Arts and Mathematics.


Scottsdale Country Day School
We would like to congratulate Scottsdale Country Day School on their excellent Galileo Pretest results. Teachers and leaders at the school are consistently striving for excellence. They began breaking down pretest data on a Friday afternoon and worked tirelessly over the weekend to continue the analysis of math and science test results. Additionally, teachers are reaching out, independent of school leadership, for coaching sessions when they have identified that they need support. Lastly, teachers are already making plans to provide enrichment for students who are just a few points away from exceeding standards on their first benchmark assessment. Everyone at Scottsdale Country Day is working thoroughly, urgently, and practically to use data to their advantage! Thank you for embodying the spirit of the Quality School Program! Your commitment to your students is inspiring!


"Eppur si muove - And yet it moves"
Actionable Dashboard Reporting
Data supporting district transition to Arizona's Common Core Standards and new instructional effectiveness responsibilities is quickly accessible through actionable Dashboard reporting technology within Galileo® K-12 Online. Reliable and valid assessment results from district-wide benchmark, instructional effectiveness pretests and post tests, end-of-course, computer adaptive, formative, and an array of other Galileo assessments are rapidly available to teachers, administrators, specialists, and parents. Report data details student mastery of standards, next steps to design instruction to promote learning along with continuous tracking of student progress and forecasting of student performance throughout the year. Learn more here or contact your ATI Field Services Coordinator at 877.442.5453 for more information.

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