What parents are saying: "I could not agree more that SCDS is doing an amazing job on all fronts. My child enjoys going to school, likes the curriculum and the faculty and has made a number of new friends... all good! Thank you for all you and the faculty and staff at SCDS do day in and day out."

The Scottsdale Country Day School staff have been carefully selected to represent a plethora of educations, experiences, and unique skills to ensure each of our students are afforded a rounded education. Staff at the SCDS charter goes above and beyond when it comes down to helping each individual student be successful and will often be found after school working with students individually or in small groups.

Open communication is imperative for each child to be successful and our staff encourages parents to be involved with their child to optimize learning opportunities.

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Isabela Martinet

Hello! My name is Isabela Martinet and I am excited to be teaching 4th grade at Scottsdale Country Day School. This is my fifth year at SCDS, and I have been a teacher for nine years. I have a Masters degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. I'm motivated by the idea of applying innovative ways to involve my students in the learning process with love, imagination, hands-on activities, and exploration.

I was a collegiate volleyball player and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. I enjoy traveling to new places, spending time with my family and friends, cooking, reading/writing, scrapbooking, and photographing. My goal as an educator is to build an engaging, safe, healthy, respectful, and fun learning environment for my students. I'm committed to welcoming my students into a place where different abilities and skills are embraced and acknowledged. I hope to inspire, motivate and intrigue my students as much as I am motivated, inspired and intrigued by them everyday. I can't wait to continue to support your child to grow with success and confidence!

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In compliance with ARS § 15-183-F parent(s)/guardian(s) are hereby notified that
resume information for all teachers is located in the front office and is available
to the parent(s)/guardian(s) of any currently enrolled student.